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Shepherd’s dynamic After-School Program nurtures the physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic development of approximately 240 children in first through twelfth grade throughout the school year. Our elementary After-School Program operates Monday – Thursday from 4 to 6 pm. Our middle and high school After-School Program operates Tuesday – Thursday from 4:00 to 6 pm during the school year, and also includes regular one-on-one meetings with staff and home visits on Mondays.

Our After-School Program helps students break the cycle of poverty by providing:

  • Snacks
  • Homework help
  • Bible lessons
  • Learning centers
  • Physical fitness opportunities
  • Whiz Kids literacy tutoring (elementary only)
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Home visits
  • Enrichment clubs like: cooking, music, photography, legos, arts & crafts, and more!

For more information about our After-School Programs, please contact Andrew Green at andrewg@shepherdcommunity.org.



803 Kamehameha Hwy
Ste 408
Pearl City, HI96782
(808) 455-5437

I love this tutoring school. I have had my daughter in the math sessions and she has excelled and grown confident in her math skills. We have been with Wiz Kids (math tutors) for about two months now. When I first arrived, I was hesitating because I read a previous review on (yelp); about a lady who was worried about the people in the hall way and such. Concerned about this and about her review, I walked over to this other office to find out exactly what they do. That other office is a doctors office, and he is only in the office two days out of the week- this is why the people are waiting. So, the previous review was not accurate! I deduced that "if her facts are not correct" I cannot place prejudice based on her judgement. As a result, I continued to sign my daughter up. Since then, I have never had any problems at this tutoring center. Matter of fact - I am assured that I will continue to remain with them. I would like to elaborate more on the interactions of the staff and my child. My child has requires more visual and repetitive learning style; and when she gets this, she achieves her learning goals quickly. I requested that this staff (Wiz Kids) speak with her teachers and that one single teacher that knows my childs strengths and challenges remain with her. And wiz kids was quick to oblige. Without hesitation, the teacher listened to my concerns and she was ready and available for my child. Later, my child got sick and had massive headaches and could not attend classes. Wiz kids staff was understanding and helped reschedule her appointments. I love wiz kids and will continue to spend my hard earned money with this company because; "they get the job done". I am thankful to wiz kids ....I hope this helps the next parent considering this company. Dont judge this company by a few negative reviews- experience this company on your own... you cant get a better tutors for this price.

we love wiz kids. Our daughter attends Hawaiian Immersion school and find it imperative she continues to learn English. We are happy with them and will be continuing her tutoring this year.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! I started sending my daughter to Wiz kids when she was 4, and in preschool. Despite being in a building that is filled with chronic action and dirty! There are also people lying down in the hallway at any given time! I still gave the agency itself the benefit of the doubt. At first they helped. My daughter started doing better with her letters and numbers. Then she entered elementary and was struggling with reading and I would ask them to focus on reading and phonics, but they would still do math with her! There wasn't improvement in her reading! Also my payment plan was to pay after every 10 sessions, then I started getting past due statements! When my account wasn't even due yet! I called and spoke to Sara (who was AWESOME) and she knew about my payment plan without looking anything up! And billing was fixed TEMPORARILY! Then she got another job! And then I start getting past due letters again!!! So I call and "fixed" the billing issue 3 more times with 3 different people! So I pulled my daughter out of Wiz kids because I felt like I was wasting time and money! My instructions to focus ONLY on reading was being ignored! And no improvements in school! I spoke to yet another person making arrangements to pay 50dollars a month. I have been making payments to them despite being unsatisfied and now I get a letter threatening to send me to collections! I could see if I wasn't answering their calls and not making payments! But really! I work in billing and as long as the person is making the arranged payments we honor their efforts! They need to get it together and run a more professional business! Make note of individual plans so that everyone knows what's going on! Every case is different and you can't be expected to know each and every individual case.... so WRITE IT DOWN IN THE CHILDS FILE!!! Common sense! That way ANY employee who handles anything from a phone call to a payment, can quickly and easily be updated on the specifics

Working here is great. Love working with the kids and watching them grow in their knowledge of Math and English! The staff here is friendly and always have the children's best interest in mind.

This place has been nothing but a blessing for my daughter for the last 2 years! I will admit that I was a little skeptical in the beginning because it was a new and foreign place outside of our comfort zone, I'm really glad that I was able to get past that. First, the staff: seriously one of the nicest group of people you will ever meet in life. They are super patient, taking their time to ensure that your child understands and comprehends the lessons they are working on. After each lesson they come out and give you a comprehensive summary of everything your child(ten) did during their session. It's nice having someone explain to me what they worked on with my kid as well as go over the homework with me, so in essence you're a team and that is a fabulous thing for this single working mom! Second: The progress...my daughter started out here in 2012 getting help with her reading comprehension and writing. Within a few weeks, I noticed a confidence in my daughter that had never been there before. She was reading better and writing better with much more self-confidence and assurance. By the end of her lessons, she had improved so much in her reading it was amazing! The pre and post tests spoke volumes about her progress, but me being able to sit and read with my daughter without her having a meltdown because she couldn't sound out a word was worth more than anything else. She now goes to Wiz Kids for math and much like reading, I can see how much the tutoring has helped her. My daughter who once was afraid to read out loud and dreaded math homework now has a book everywhere she goes and doesn't dread having to take a math quiz. All in all Wiz Kids is such a fantastic place for your children to go and gain confidence in their abilities. I hate that we're moving and that I can't take them with us!! The next tutoring location that we choose will have some big shoes to fill!

I love helping kids get and keep that sparkle in their eye when they've learned something new. Tutoring at Wiz kids gives me the opportunity to see them master a skill they had trouble with or didn't even know before coming in. Having been here for over 8, cumulative years have been a joy. The students I've helped and the friendships I've made are some of the things that I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

My son was told in K that he should be held back because he wasn't ready for 1st grade. I immediately started calling around and ran into Wiz Kids and started him as soon as possible. By the end of the year his teacher told us she has never seen a child come as far and as fast as my son and that he was more than ready for 1st grade. He is now excelling in 1st grade! Not to mention, he really really enjoyed going to Wiz Kids. He looked forward to his session, and they make it fun for the kids by giving them wiz bucks so they can save up for a toy. I am very happy with this tutoring center and if he is ever struggling again I will definitely bring him back.

The staff is excellent and I was able to see a difference in my daughter's reading and comprehension skills right away. Tons of parking and a comfortable waiting area if you are willing to wait there the entire 70 minute session.

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