History Cards Assignment


World History IIName: _________________________ Ms. Murphy


ABSOLUTE RULER: ___________________________ DUE DATE: ___________________________________ Task:

Your assignment is to create a trading card (i.e. baseball card) for an absolute monarch.

The trading card must include the following information:FRONT:

Picture or drawing of the individual.

Name and/or nickname

(You can create a nickname for your historical figure, for example,Albert “E


MC²” Einstein)

Approximate date of birth and death

Empire with which he/she is associated

(ex. Louis XIV-France)


Evidence that he or she was an absolute ruler. You should answer the followingquestions:


What policies, edicts or laws did your monarch enact?


What were your monarch’s greatest challenges?


What were your monarch’s greatest strengths?


What was life like for his or her subjects?


What were the symbols of his or her power? Art? Architecture? Clothing?


How did your monarch justify his or her power? War? Territorial expansion?


What did your monarch believe that he or she owed to his or her subjects?

Favorite songs (2 total):

Pick a song that shows how the monarch feels about his/herself or his/her role as monarch. Pick a song that shows how the monarch’s subjects feel abouthim/her.


What does your monarch like to do when they are not governing the empire?

Greatest achievement:

What is your monarch’s proudest accomplishment? What would heor she want to be known for accomplishing?FRONT BACK 

STATS-Evidence proving thatyour monarch was anabsolute ruler.-Songs-Hobbies-Greatest achievement


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