Case Study 4 Carl Jung

Elizabeth Howard Case Study – Carl Jung January 31, 2016 1. What is Mark’s attitude, according to Jungian theory? Provide evidence for your answer. a. Mark would definitely be an extraversion. Mark enjoys teaching the schoolchildren about fire safety, and communicating with the community, and telling them what his occupation is. This is a display of him being an open and social person, one of the key components of being an extraversion. Also Mark being a firefighter is a display of him being orientated to other people and the external world. 2. What is Mark’s superior function, according to Jungian theory? Provide evidence for your answer. a. Mark’s function described by Jung would be rational function. More specifically would be the feeling function. Mark quit the police department because he felt that all the paperwork and driving while patrolling would be dull rather than stimulation. Mark wanted to do something in life that was stimulating, and that is why he became a firefighter. Mark describes the adrenaline rush that he gets when

CASE STUDY 4(Carl Gustav Jung)Using Jung’s theore±cal concept and stages, assess Mark’s personality by answering the following ques±ons.1.What is Mark’s a²tude, according to Jungian theory? Provide evidence for your answer.According to Jungian as he a³empts to describe why he likes his job so much, his face transforms. It light up. He looks as if he is reliving the excitement of the latest event to which his Fre company had been called. Mark is extroverted because he is oriented toward the real world as opposed to the internal world.2.What is Mark’s superior func±on, according to Jungian theory? Provide evidence for your answer.Mark’s superior is sensing because of how much he depends upon and enjoys the use of his senses . he describe the heat of the Fre , the smell of wood of tools, etc. when he gives these talks , the children look up to him and seehim a brave man , witch makes himfeel good . he also enjoys the status associated with being a FreFghter .

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