Essay On My Life Journey Story

Author: Lusanda (Grade 12)
School: LEAP Science and Maths School
Publisher: FunDza Literacy Trust
Genre: Non Fiction (True Life Story)

Life’s a Journey and mine went this way

Life is a journey filled with impressions left upon one; some from sights, some from words. It is these impressions that create the person we are. Some impress so deeply they become the foundation we build our morals and ethical standards on.

As a young woman I grew up having dreams that one day I would be in a school that would give me a better education. In 2008 I arrived at LEAP school. I felt like God now was on my side and He had opened the first gate for me. I felt my heart dancing because I was so overwhelmed that I was chosen to be part of LEAP. I loved the welcome that I was given by the school. I had a feeling inside that this would be my second family.

In life there are people who are wet blankets and people who support you. I had a problem with my community. The people would say to me, “It’s useless to go to school in the morning and come back at night, without any good results.” I felt like my heart was sinking into the deepest ocean because I did not understand why these people couldn’t  be happy for me because I was still at school. I was not like the other township girls who drank and used drugs.

I had a talk with my mother about the problem. She advised me and said, “In life people always have something to say, so just ignore what they say and take that as an encouragement.” Ever since then I took that quote as a principle or value to live by.

The teenage stage of life is a big stage. As teenagers, we are old enough to make our own decisions. Teenage years are filled with challenges and consequences. I fell pregnant in 2010. I felt embarrassed and shy because it felt like I had disrespected my family and my school. I felt like giving up on everything, and that it was the end of my life.  My family and the school gave me support and they did not judge me for what had happened. I asked myself, ‘Why should I give up? I am not the first and last teenage mother. ‘

I have a quote that says, ‘If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.’ This quote has become a sort of credo that I recently decided to live by. It has motivated me to take the next step to pursue my dreams.

I went back to school after the birth of my child and now I am doing Matric. I have long had expectations of myself. Through integrity, perseverance and hard work  I will reach my goal of becoming a Financial Advisor.


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My Life My Journey Essay

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As a very small child I don’t remember too much, but the things that I do remember were seen through a child’s eyes that has made me the person that I am today and I will always have those memory’s with me until my last breath on this earth. In this essay I intend to show how my childhood and adult life to this point has influenced my life, my journey. By utilizing the adult development theories from this class I also intend on showing how they relate to my Life experiences and where I am today as an Adult student.

Its funny how as a child you look at things. As time passes, those same child memories become life experiences as an adult. It is stated that Environmental assessment is closely related to the impact environment makes on…show more content…

I lost my little brother in 1982 at age 22 in an accident at my parent’s home. Robbie was taking down a C.B. antenna and it struck a high power line that ran into the local General Motors plant. Robbie was killed instantly. As Erickson’s stated in his psychosocial development theory, “which refers to the development within the social environment in which a person lives, primarily focusing on relationships with other people” (Simanowitz & Pearce. 2003). This had brought back memories of how my relationship was when we were little. I was always kind of upset with Robbie because he was one of those kids that had that natural athletic ability. Robbie could run faster and throw better, do everything better when it came to sports, but the real reason I was mad at Robbie most of my childhood life was because every time something went wrong, I always got the blame and in trouble. Mom would say “You’re older you should have known better” Yes she was right most of the time I did know better. I was the middle child and I was always the one that got into trouble even though Robbie might have done it first. I had a good childhood for the most part, I can’t remember not doing without the things that I really needed as a child. Things like clothes, food, shelter and love from a family. I recall having my favorite things

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