Persuasive Essay On Prayer In Public Schools

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“If we ever forget that we are “One nation under God,” then we will be a nation gone under” -- Ronald Reagan (BrainyQuote). Ronald Reagan makes a great point. America was created as a place for religious freedom. Now that freedom is beginning to be stripped away from us. One of the biggest reasons is due to the argument concerning whether or not religion should be allowed in school. It is believed, by many, that allowing education and religion to coincide is going against the first amendment. This argument is one that dates back to the eighteen hundreds, and has yet to be resolved. It is an American citizen’s right to freely express and learn about religion wherever they please, including the public school system.
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This simple statement has caused quite an argument on what it truly means. Thomas Jefferson interpreted it by saying, “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his god, that he owes accounts to none other for his faith or his worship” (“Religion in Schools: United”). In other words, no one can tell you who or what to worship. That decision lies solely in the citizen’s hands. In attempt to end all doubt, the government created The Establishment Clause. The Establishment Clause prohibited the government from establishing an official religion, or preferring one religion over another (“Religion in Schools: United”). Some religious and political leaders are seeing eye-to-eye on the religion in school debate. Tom Cabaniss, a senior pastor at a church in North Carolina, believes that religion should be taught in schools as a matter of education, and education only. If students were more actively aware of other religions they could better understand each other. An unnamed political official believes that since religion plays such an important role in history, it would be improper to try and completely separate the religion and the government. Religion in school should be allowed in school as long as it is respectfully approached. Religion should not be watered down. It is what it is, and students should be allowed to know that religion has impacted their lives, even if they are not openly aware of it

  • No, it wastes time.

    I say it should not, because if it was then it would take away school time and then they will get bad grades. Also they would get teased, mocked, bullied, punched, and threatened, so I say no, it should not be allowed. If it was then just think of all the different religions in the world.

  • It should not be allowed.

    No, prayer should not be allowed in school. Schools are a place where there are children of many different cultures and religions and it is not fair to have the children forced into one religion with allowing prayer in school. School is meant to be an unbiased place and allowing prayer takes that away.

  • No, I disagree because there should be freedom of religion.

    Why should prayer be brought into school when not everyone has the same beliefs. We have the choice to pray on our own but kids shouldn't be forced to pray in schools. If you want to be more involved with prayer in school then you shouldn't be going to a public school.

  • I don't like it

    I am a high school student and i have had to deal with silent prayer time ever since I was in Kindergarten, that "moment of silence" was always super awkward for not only me, but other students as well. You just stand there and don't know what to do if you aren't religious..

  • There is no reason to pray in school.

    If people pray in schools it would indeed waste time. So there is no reason to pray. The only time you should pray is in church if you have a religion. If you don't have a religion, then don't bother praying it's going to do you no good. People shouldn't be steered around and have their mind messed up by religion. People should be allowed to live their own way without the peer pressure of religion.

  • First amendment has given us the right to religion.

    Since the first amendment has given us religious freedom that simply proposes we can practice whatever religion we want in our freedom full country of AMERICA! Pulling what has been set to be at home should not be forcefully changed by a teachers or administrators decision. School is a place where our kids LEARN and become better people for our countries future, so religion freely practiced elsewhere is a much better alternative than taking time from school on the desks. The bottom line is schools and religion should be separated

  • It would influence individual's religion and could cause fighting.

    It is unfair for people who don't believe to have to be taught about it and to be lectured or to forced to do anything religious in school. It is also unfair for people who do believe to have to sit and listen about other religions because it could start to persuade them when they really don't want to be persuaded. Parents might also want their children to be taught only specific things about religion.

  • Children in school are vulnerable.

    If religion were allowed to be practiced in schools, it could leave many children vulnerable to bullies and hatred. It should be frowned upon to see people hated for religion these days, but hey, what can you do, this is what society is coming to. It is a complete shame.

  • it shoudn't be allowed peroid.

    i believe that prayer should not be publicly endorsed by schools whether the school is public or private. this should not happen because if a student with a non-mainstream way of praying could be singled out for bullying and this can causes the school enviroment to go from one of learning to a place that can become a negitive enviroment for the students.

  • There are such things as Religious schools ...

    If prayer is so important then take your child to a RELIGIOUS based school. If you go to PUBLIC school then you need to abide by the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE laws. While I have no problem with children praying before lunch or for a good grade on a test I do not believe there is a legitimate reason to allow it (aside from the two reasons I stated). If you allow prayer in school does that mean you allow Islam, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Pagan, Rastafarian, Taoism and etc? If you cannot afford to send your child to a religious based school then suck it up and tell your child to pray at home or in school.

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