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The Role of Spirituality in Health Care Essay

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Spiritual Assessment
Grand Canyon University: HLT 310
January 20, 2013

Spirituality is a delicate topic, and some may not be open to talking about their beliefs. Spirituality is generally understood to be an essential aspect of being human (Lyndo-Lam, 2012). Assessing the spiritual needs of patients is a key component in the nursing process. A compassionate and thoughtful nurse can make a patient feel more secure, making it easier for him to express his spirituality. The participation of both patient and health care provider is vital in promoting spiritual health. The main focus of a spiritual assessment is to gather information regarding the patient’s spiritual needs in order incorporate them into the plan of care, so as to treat…show more content…

Patient strongly believes that faith plays an important part in his health, but he knows that he could also do much more for himself in order to improve his health. Mr. Ferrell quotes, “I can’t expect God to help me if I don’t help myself” (Ferrel, 2013). Praying and honoring God does fullfil his spiritual needs but it does not magically improve his health. He mentioned that his weakness is food and as a result he struggles with his diabetic and renal diets; eating healthier could improve the patient’s health. Mr. Ferrell believes and knows that he needs to treat his body better as God has been so merciful with him and considers his eating habits a sin. As a retired man, he finds time to do many Church activities that benefit both the community and himself. He likes doing community services as it helps release some stress caused by his illness. Being involved in Church has taken him to Jerusalem, which to him was the most wonderful experience. Traveling has played an important role for him but cannot do so often due to his dependency of a machine to clean his blood. What went well The patient was able to express himself openly; no questions were skipped or left blank. Explaining the reason and the importance of performing this spiritual assessment helped build rapport and trust with the patient easily. Also, getting some insight into his spiritual needs made the connection between nurse and patient stronger. What would you do differently in the

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I liked the article very much. In particular the statement, "Everyone has a spiritual dimension that motivates, energizes, and influences every aspect of life" is especially relevant when we consider that "lack of education may cause nurses or other health care providers to be uncomfortable when assessing their clients and providing spiritual care". I really think that more often than not, nurses in clinical practice, whether they have the wisdom to recognize and address spiritual distress or not, simply don't have the time. One of the pitfalls of hospital nursing is that in order to get the job done, nurses must become task oriented. The end result being, that after a phone call or two, "the spiritual care of the patient or client [becomes] the domain of the chaplain, priest, imam, rabbi, or other trained clergy person" out of necessity. Fortunately, as more articles are written and discussions are begun, the more likely it is that busy nurses will recognize patients with spiritual needs and make those calls.

A note about the comments regarding cutting out words or prayers; REALLY? I am so tired of people who don't believe in God demanding that authors accomodate their atheist/agnostic views by removing references to diety. What about the 90% of the population that do believe in God? Let authors compose their works without interupting their thought process to appease the 10% of the readers who don't believe. Enjoy the poetry and stop imposing YOUR values on others!

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