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Nam Naadu (English: Our Country) is a 1969 Indian Tamil-language film starring M. G. Ramachandran (known also as MGR) and Jayalalitha. It is a remake of the 1969 Telugu film Kathanayakudu, which starred N. T. Rama Rao and Jayalalitha.


Dharmalingham (S. V. Ranga Rao), Aalavandar (S. A. Ashokan) and Punniyakodi (K. A. Thangavelu) are three VIPs in a township who have established themselves as noble citizens of the country but in reality are traitors who dare to do any type of crimes for money.

Durai (M.G.R) is an honest government office clerk who wants to be sincere for the nation and to help the poor and needy. In order to save the rights of the poor he fights with higher society people which is disliked by brother Muthaiya (T.K.Bhagavathi) who works for Dharmalingham and is an equally honest person as Durai. Though Muthaiya scolds Durai for his acts he is very affectionate to him and Durai is equally respectful and affectionate towards him and his family. Durai once picks a fight with Aalavandar in a shop — he insists on his standing in a queue like everyone else as there should be no special right for him over poor people. This creates tension between Aalavandar and Durai. Muthaiya worries that he will get into trouble because Aalavandar and Dharmalingham are good friends.

Durai meets a tender-coconut selling girl Ammu (alias Alamelu) (Jayalalitha) and gets attracted towards her nobility and honesty. Aalavandar takes revenge on Durai by making fake bribery complaint on him and because of which Durai loses his job. The enmity between Dharmalingham and Durai increases gradually because of which his brother shouts at him and ask him to get out of the house as Muthaiya believes Dharmalingham is honest and treat him like God. Ammu supports Durai and takes him to slum. Durai works for them and earn the love of slum people and people support him to contest and win in the municipal election. Durai takes action against the trio with his rights and enmity further increases. The trio plan and succeed to throw Durai away from the municipal office. Meanwhile, Muthaiya finds that Dharmalingham has looted a sum of Ten lakh Rupees which actually belong to the welfare of poor people. So he runs away with the money to save from them and he buries it in a place. But the trio catch him and shut him at a secret place when he refuse to open his mouth on the whereabouts of the money.

Now Durai plans to take revenge on them and to reveal themself and their crimes by their own mouth. Did Durai succeed in his mission and found the money and his brother forms the rest of the story.


  • M. G. Ramachandran as Durai, (Mister Metro-Gold Robert)
  • J. Jayalalitha as Ammu (alias Alamelu)
  • S. V. Ranga Rao as Dharmalingham, the chairman
  • S. A. Ashokan as Aalavandar, a contractor and Dharmalingham's friend
  • K. A. Thangavelu as Punniyakodi, a shopkeeper and Dharmalingham's friend
  • S. V. Ramdass as The doctor
  • T. K. Bagavathy[1] as Muthaiya, Durai's elder brother
  • R. S. Manohar as Vijay, Ammu's elder brother
  • Ennatha Kannaiya as Kannaiya the lame
  • Thengai Srinivasan as Kuppuswamy, the superior of Durai (in office)
  • Nagesh as Govindha, Durai's friend
  • K. R. Ramswamy (Guest-star) as The school master Vélaydhamm
  • Chittor V. Nagaiah (Guest-star) as The school master Kandhaya
  • Mukkamala
  • Pandari Bai as Bakiyum, Muthaiya's wife
  • Kutty Padmini as Selvi, Muthaiya's daughter
  • Baby Sridevi as Raja, Muthaiya's son


After the success of Enga Veettu Pillai produced by B. Nagi Reddy, Ramachandran was considering entry into politics, so he told Reddy that he wanted to make a film to gauge audience response to seeing him as a politician. Reddy suggested remaking Kathanayakudu. Ramachandran agreed and they made the film.[2]

Nagi Reddy recalled watching the film with Ramachandran: "When it was released, we both went to Mekala Theatre to watch the reaction of the viewers. Except for the manager, no one was aware of our presence. It was a pleasant evening and the doors had been kept wide open. MGR stood leaning on one side of the door and I was leaning on the other. There was a scene in which Jayalalitha, the heroine of the movie, appeared singing the song Vaangaiya Vaathiyaraiah while welcoming MGR after his victory in the elections."[2]

Reddy went on to say "The audience rose as one man, cheering, clapping, whistling. There were cries: ‘We want to see the scene again! Repeat the scene!’ We advised the manager to oblige the audience. The reel was rewound and the sequence was shown again. I turned to MGR. His eyes were filled with tears of joy. He hugged me. ‘O Reddiar! I have received the people’s acceptance.’[2]


The Best Movie (Sirede Padham)

By The Cinema Fan Association Award (Cinema Rasigar Sangue Parisu)


Music is composed by MS Vishwanathan.[3]


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Nam Naadu (English: Our Country) is a 2007 Tamil film starring Sarath Kumar and Karthika Mathew in lead roles and is the remake of the Malayalam film Lion.Dubbed In Hindi As Hukumat Ki Jung 2.The film received negative reviews and failed to replicate the success of the original.[1]


Aalavandhar (Nassar) a corrupt politician who holds the post as Education minister and wants to become the chief minister. He is supported by his sons-in-law, Sathya (Charan Raj) ex-IPS Officer who runs a finance company and Ilamaran (Ponvannan) IAS officer, the district collector. With the idea of his in-laws, Aalavandhar tries to disturb peace in state and make situation against the CM.

Muthazhagu (Sarath Kumar) an honest youth wing leader of the same ruling party learns and opposes the move of his father and he stands by and for the people. Sathya, Ilamaran and Aalavandhar allocates a land space in a village for a cool drink company. The village is rich in land water and the people oppose for the governments move against them. But these corrupt personalities issue an order for the start of the factory. Muthazhagu tries to meet the collector (Ilamaran) with the people of the locality and fails to get a reason for it. So he moves on to the court and with the court's order he gets a stay for the project.

In order to save and work for the people he plans to contest in the elections as an independent candidate. He stands opposite his father Aalavandhar. He wins the elections and extends his support to the party and gets a place in the ministry. He takes charge of the high profile department as Home Minister.

Muthazhagu commands and passes orders to all the departments to work for the welfare of the public and he would take care of all the other issues within the departments. He threatens the CM and takes orders for effective governance.

Aalavandhar gets irritated by the moves of Muthazhagu and discusses the same with his in-laws. Sathya plans to wipe him off. This brings Aalavandhar to realize his misdoings in the past and meets Muthazhagu and confesses his mistake and asks him to return to their home. Muthazhagu accepts to return to their home along with his wife Gauri (Karthika Mathew). On an official call he goes to Delhi. Aalavandhar meets up in an accident and passes away. Muthazagu's mom thinks Muthazagu killed his dad and bans him from the house. Muthazaghu finds that Sathya was the mastermind for the murder as his dad (Nassar) said to him about the public confession of their crimes. Muthazaghu kills his brother-in-law in the climax.



Critical reception[edit]

Sify wrote:"Sarath and director Suresh has kept the theme of politics as family business, and added a lot of heroism to the central character and made him a one-man fighting machine".[2] Kollywood Today wrote:"As a whole, taking the whole film into consideration, Nam Naadu is a film for a political cause and also a commercial film that can be watched to kill the time and not more than that".[3]


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