Jun Yang Huang Homework

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Jun Yang
Associate Professor of Marketing
Phone: (281) 396-3754
Office: UHV at Katy 3-86

Dr. Jun Yang received her PhD in Marketing from Syracuse University. She also received a Master's in Statistics from Syracuse University and a Master's in Economics from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She has taught courses in the areas of marketing management, marketing research, global marketing and internet marketing at Syracuse University, The University of Mississippi, and UHV. She was a recipient of the School of Management Doctoral Student Outstanding Teaching Award while at Syracuse University. Prior to joining the UHV School of Business faculty in the fall of 2009, she held the position of Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Mississippi and also served as a dissertation committee member for PhD students.

Dr. Yang's current research interests include e-marketing, network effects, new product diffusion, online social networking, and pharmaceutical marketing. Her research articles have been published in several academic journals including the Journal of Business Research,Journal of the National Medical Association, and others. Additionally, she has presented her research at numerous international conferences, and her work has appeared in additional conference proceedings including the American Marketing Association Educator's Conference, Marketing Science Annual meetings, INFORMS annual meetings, and the Decision Science Annual Conference.

Additionally, Dr. Yang has served as a reviewer for several premier conferences. She also served as the co-chair for a special session, titled Marking and Operations Interface in Supply Chains for the Decision Science Annual Conference (DSI) in 2007.

Recently, Dr. Yang served as a marketing consultant for the Victoria Bach Festival. She currently holds professional memberships in the American Marketing Association, INFORMS, and the Decision Sciences Institute.

In recognition of her scholarly achievements, Dr. Yang received the 2013 Partnership Professor Award from the School of Business Administration, UHV.

Academic Background

  • PhD - Syracuse University, Marketing, 2005
  • MS - Syracuse University, Applied Statistics, 2005
  • MPhil - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Economics, 2000

Courses Taught at UHV

  • MGMT 6378 - Seminar in E-Commerce
  • MKTG 3303 - Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG 4313 - Marketing Research
  • MKTG 4316 - Electronic Marketing
  • MKTG 6352 - Strategic Marketing Management
  • MKTG 6372 - Marketing Research
  • MKTG 6378 - Seminar in E-Marketing

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