Bsb113 Assignment Definition

Great subject for new perspectives on government and business decisions. Lecturer and tutors I engaged with were enthusiastic and knowledgable. One star less due to lecturer responses being delayed an impersonal.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

As someone who has done economics for years and hated it - this subject is great and really interesting! Assessment is straight forward and the teaching staff are very upfront with what they want/ expect.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

My favourite subject in first year. Thought it would be heavy on maths but division and multiplication is all you need to know. I could see the relevance of microeconomics in my own life. For macroeconomics deputy head of economic analysis department Merylin Coombs from the RBA presented a lecture on monetary policy which was extra special. For the exam, the questions are the same as in the practice exam, tutorial questions and questions on MyEconLab. I had already seen all of the questions on the exam before I saw the exam, just re-worded

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

I was skeptical about this subject because most people described economics as boring. I admit some of the initial concepts were a bit "dry" but once I got past this, I found it enjoyable and interesting. There was so much online resources, textbook questions and the tutorials were recorded so you could view the answers to the questions as many times as needed. There was a lot of material given for the assignment so research time was cut down and there was information to answer any possible question about the assignment. The way the exam was structured made it very passable. I would advise anyone taking this unit to just follow what the lecturers and tutors tell you to do and you would pass.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Want to know how things function in real life? Price? Quantity? This is the subject to go for.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Economics Research Summary Report

This student studied:
Queensland University of Technology - BSB113 - Economics

Background You are currently volunteering for Cancer Council Australia providing part time administration support for them at a local office. During a well-earned tea break a discussion ensues about the effectiveness of government policies aimed at reducing tobacco smoking. The discussion touches on ways of reducing smoking including a tax on cigarettes, a ban on advertising, plain paper covering for cigarette packs and shocking TV adverts depicting images of smokers with cancer associated with smoking cigarettes. You remember that your lecturer in BSB113 had spoken about cigarette taxes. You say that your lecturer had mentioned that the evidence is that taxes are fairly successful at reducing smoking and that in Australia overall rates of smoking have been declining for a number of years. Someone challenges this position, and notes that if this is the case, why has the government either used and/or is thinking about a adopting a range of other polices to target smokers, in addition to a tax on cigarettes. You answer that different polices affect a change in smoking behaviour in different ways. Some polices are more effective at impacting on smoking cessation rates, whilst other polices have been more effective at preventing the uptake of smoking by previous non-smokers (e.g. children). Assessment Task Your input into the discussion was overheard by the visiting CEO of Cancer Council Queensland. He is impressed by your insights and has asked that you write him a critical overview of the economics of a cigarette tax.

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