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What should I write about for my linguistics class?

I have a paper due on Friday for my Linguistics class, and I'm having a problem deciding on a paper topic. I think I have a general idea, but I need to make it more specific. It's a research paper, open to any topic in the field of linguistics. Generally, what I think I want to write about are the factors contributing to the evolution of a language (English in particular) --- society, diversity, usage, history, immigrants, presence or lack of a governmental language purity organization, dialects, etc. I'm shooting for 8 - 10 double-spaced pages, so I obviously need to narrow it down a little bit.
So, does anyone have any ideas on what I should focus on? Any other paper topics I should do instead? I have access to a lot of article/book/online resources, so there's pretty much no limit on what I can do for a topic.

If you need a course description to give me a better answer, it might help to know that we use:
"The Study of Language" by George Yule
"The Language Instinct" by Stephen Pinker
"Language, Society, and Power" by Linda Thomas and Shan Waering

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