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Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting (September 22, 2011)

12:45 P.M. in SKH 369

Present: Timothy Newman, Ramon Cerro, Paul Componation, Kristen Herrin, Deborah Heikes, Wai Mok, Ina Warboys, Richard Miller, Laurel Bollinger, Mack Portera, Brent Wren, Vistasp Karbhari

Meeting was called to order by Dr. Timothy Newman at 12:45 p.m.

President Portera Report

Thanked the Committee for meeting with Dr. Robert Altenkirch, the new President. Dr. Altenkirch gave two start date options: October 24 or November 1. Dr. Portera chose October 24. Dr. Portera reported he is excited about the leadership here and the opportunity to move forward. There are some challenges. He is the best strategic thinker he has ever met and that is sorely needed here.

Dr. Portera reported he will probably take a hit in the newspaper this weekend in part because of the decision made because it was not what the community wanted us to make. He reported he spent time with a reporter yesterday and discussing the feeling that the Board support for UAH not being what should be. They thought we were on a different agenda than the Community. The Board has been very supportive of this Institution. We just announced the Global Studies Chair in Liberal Arts. We are closing a fund raising year with $14M. I have asked Dr. Karbhari and Chief Academic Officers what we might expect in going forward. We are concerned for enrollment, this is a challenge. The State Board just denied Calhoun's request for buying land for a new campus. Future offerings to help with enrollment. Need enrollment where we are not nervous.

The Global Studies Chair is part of a twin chair in Dr. Sandhu's home town. We will be working together and this will help with recruitment. As soon as Dr. Kathy Hawk is back we can start the search.

Provost Karbhari Report:

At the ACHE Meeting we got the Individualized Science Studies program approved and Certificates in the College of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Resource Management approved. The certificates have ties to assisting with BRAC.

The Board gave final approval for the Individualized Bachelor of Science. The Board has worked with us closely and the suspended the rules to give final approval on the Chair and the Individualized Bachelor of Science so that we could prepare for spring semester.

The Solar Physics sustainability-this was another step for the NSO to show support from the State, Board, and the Legislature.

Peers and Aspirants-I met with the Deans and we are working out details. At one of your next meetings would like to ask that you allow for short presentation so the Faculty Senate knows the steps to come up with this and the input from the Deans.

We have an updated policy on communicable diseases. We have been through several steps to get to this point. We have to keep this updated and have the latest policies available. I will send a copy to Tim Newman so the Faculty Senate can look at it.

The Faculty and Staff letters should be out by October 1 for the merit increases. This will be reflected in the October 14 pay period and will have only 2 days in that one.

The NSO Board meeting is September 28 and 29 and there should be a decision to NSF and to us shortly after that.

Faculty Senate President Tim Newman Report:

Latest enrollment figures are in your package and commented on.

I attended the Board meeting last week and this week. This week was to approve Dr. Altenkirch's appointment as President. He is to begin October 24.

The gym at Spragins was renamed based on a donation from Kelley. Just the gym will be renamed. Supercomputer-We received an IBM Power 5 from the Arsenal given to us and us to Hudson Alpha. Not sure how we get access. Hudson Alpha is paying all unless they do something not agreed to in the contract, then we take it back.

Rich Miller and Tim Newman met with the Provost on the Research Bill.

Tim Newman will meet with Provost on other bills passed. He will also meet with the Provost regarding security issues on campus-we need to go beyond the UAlert.

Rich Miller and Tim Newman are making rounds to groups of faculty. They met with the Library and Philosophy faculty.

We had a session with Dr. Altenkirch and got comments and I sent them to the Board. We appreciate the open session for the faculty.


Faculty and Student Development-- Ina Warboys

Report in the packet-a bill later for the agenda.

Personnel--Ramon Cerro

Report-- addition-Committee Chair discussion and kept Ramon Cerro-discussed Bill 355 and Chapter 7 of the Handbook.

Governance and Operations--Paul Componation

Physics-survey went to faculty for nominations-closed-9 people nominated-3 declined, 1 not eligible-1 not contacted-gave till noon today-voting today until Monday close of business-5 people on the ballot. By Monday or Tuesday have closed.

University Committees-Employee Benefits-Governance and Operations-- person not on the Senate and needs replacement.

Paul Componation wants to do this in the Senate. Item for agenda at the next meeting.

Some discussion regarding Peer and Aspirant group and the report. Dr. English tried to comment on what it is and why.

Dr. Newman stated we have 5 bills and we need to figure out how to dole out the Handbook and how to tackle the issues in the Handbook and the Bylaws.

Bill 355: Ombudsman-at the last meeting the bill went back to Personnel to look at-Ramon Cerro-reported all felt it was a good idea-some concern about privacy and moved that up in the bill, this office affects faculty, staff, and students so it should be all. Committee recommended the bill unanimously. Dr. Newman asked for a motion to move it to the Senate floor for second reading or send it to another committee. Laurel Bollinger moved, seconded by Paul Componation for second reading-drop "an" in the first line of "Now Therefore Be It Resolved".

Rich Miller commented the bill was sent to Staff Senate as well. Vote-Unanimous to agenda at second reading

Bill 356: Education Support--Faculty and Student Development

Ina Warboys the bill came with faculty and staff and the Committee took out "and staff"-they need to do their own bill. Did check background. Commented on that. Also concerned for staff and limits on that. Two of the Committee not in favor but the majority carried. Dr. Miller commented this bill was also given to Staff Senate. Richard Miller moved, seconded by Ramon Cerro the bill to the floor at second reading. Dr. English asked them to define full time faculty. Dr. Cerro asked about the economic impact-spending money-what benefits the university-recruiting-narrow define to point faculty role. Include as many as possible. Discussion regarding faculty and inclusion. Friendly amendment add "UAH faculty (as defined by Faculty Handbook)". Passed unanimously, on agenda for second reading.

History of bill at top. When send to committee ask submitters if it is ok to include the name of the submitter.

Bill 357: Faculty Conference Support

Sponsored and cosponsored by Richard Miller and Tim Newman. Encourage faculty to attend at least one conference per year and fund for that. Model from other places used. Some earmark and some do not. Define faculty. Send to Faculty and Student Development to clean up. Motion by Deborah Heikes, seconded by Ramon Cerro.

Dr. Tim Newman stated if bills get stalled in Committee then the bill should be recalled.

Bill 358: Graduate Student Conference Support

Laurel Bollinger moved, seconded by Ramon Cerro-to send the bill to Faculty and Student Development for review. The vote was unanimous.

Bill 359: Compensation

Rich Miller gave background for the bill. There is disparity across programs and units for similar requirements for Directors, etc. Compensation related to academic salary even though the responsibilities are similar. We understand Chair is discipline dependent and some changes for additional responsibilities. The Fundamental compensation should be uniform. Disparity breeds animosity across campus.

Richard Miller moved, seconded by Kristen Herrin the bill to the floor. There are some differences and some are giving up a some things to do the job and the compensation difference would be the only way to get them. This failed. Ramon Cerro moved, seconded by Paul Componation to send the bill to Personnel. The vote was unanimous.

Handbook Sections and Bylaws-dole out.

Send Bylaws to Committee. Paul Componation moved, seconded by Ina Warboys to send the Bylaws to Governance and Operations. The vote was unanimous. Bylaws changes-go through and send information to Paul Componation.

Faculty Handbook: Come back with language from Committee

Chapter One--Mission, History, Symbols--Deborah Heikes, Undergraduate Scholastic Affairs
Chapter Two--External Governance and Oversight--Paul Componation, Governance and Operations
Chapter Three--Administrative Organization--Wai Mok, Finance
Chapter Four--Organization of Academic Affairs--Ina Warboys, Faculty and Student Development
Chapter Seven--Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures--Ramon Cerro, Personnel
Chapter Eight--Instructional and Student Policies--Kristen Herrin, Undergraduate Curriculum
Chapter Nine--Compensation, Benefits, and Faculty Resources, Wai Mok, Finance
Chapter Five-Organization of Research and
Chapter Six-Shared Governance were not addressed.

Dr. Tim Newman would like a final decision this year.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting (May 6, 2010)

12:45 p.m. SKH 369

Present: Etzkorn, Vaughan, Rountree, Gholston, Severn, Williams, Boyd, English

Dr. Williams reported we have engaged Lipman Hearn. We have had communication issues and a lack of consistent messages. There was a suggestion at the Expanded Executive Committee to take some action. It was suggested some form of branding for university would be a good use for stimulus money. Lipman Hearne has many universities as clients around nation. First task is to focus on branding and selling in Admissions and Enrollment sphere. Brought about by many factors focusing on enrollment after events on campus. Rick Barth is leaving on 16 June taking a job in a New England area college. Academic Affairs is looking at the structure of operations and the best way to go in hiring a replacement. Not going to move hastily on such an important position. Lippman Hearn will engage a leader with experience and this person will lead Lipman Hearn and others throughout the university on these issues. We are about 10% down on admits. The yield is what really matters. Some areas are up and some are down. UA has about a 5% decrease at the same time. Had significant drop after Feb. 12 but recovered some but not sure about yield at this time. Bringing more resources on campus over next few months to deal with the issue. Starts this afternoon with meeting with enrollment personnel. Lipman Hearne has a playbook and brings resources of their company and ours and reaching out to students and will create off campus website and branding in terms of message in terms of message put together after spending several days on campus and working with departments and others and see how can best sell us. Work over the year and work branding throughout university. Consulting firm will oversee enrollment areas. Contracted through 10th day of classes in fall. Just start of long term branding arrangement to be more consistent in message sent out. Still our operation they are overseeing and advising. Faculty involvement? Personal contact with students and families up to deans. Increase pool through mailings etc. Lipman Hearne says our pool should be much larger than it is. We will find the best things from the playbook and work with that. Rick has done a tremendous amount and taken us to another level but we need more. There is an increase in scholarships but slow. There is an increase in giving to scholarships internally and externally. The opportunity is there but the ramp up is slow.

Question of why we are flying the German flag-We had a visitor in Huntsville yesterday. We are deepening relationships for University collaborations. We made a visit to Germany and we are laying out a plan for work in Engineering Dr. Horack and Dr. Karbhari visited. They are very interested in establishing a partnership with our University. We are taking the opportunity to explore and will do a follow up visit in June.

Dr. Williams will be announcing a Mission Statement Committee in the next few days.

Dr. Williams will be announcing an International Campus Committee for CATHALAC University. We signed an agreement with a research center in CATHALAC. Expanded 9 hours there during the summer and sharing in opportunities there.

Dr. Williams reported there was an Entrepreneurship workshop on campus with companies here and pushing the University as an intellectual starting ground for small companies. Caron St. John is leading this-We have signed with Biztech and the Chamber is involved. We hope to generate opportunities for faculty. We are working at various levels to put stem funding to collaborations between colleges and go from ideas, design, to business plan, to selling product. Also to help companies to get access to faculty resources, students for internships, etc. Teach in Biztech, etc. Looking at interest at State level.

Committee Reports:

Finance and Resources

Dr. English reported the Deans, Chih Loo, Dr. Severn, and Dr. Karbhari met and discussed college budgets. Handouts are coming to me to help me come up to speed. I am still behind on all this. We do not believe there will be any further cuts for next year-still 3.5 % cut prorated for this year. $1.26M still remaining-some have dealt with this by elimination of open positions, increase in fees, savings from restructuring, etc. The total cost for the University from Feb 12 was close to $1M and we have come up with ways to recoup, but over time. Enrollment is down 9%--some colleges up, some are down and some are flat. Some increase in fees for new student support services putting in place. Wants to have Ray come address Senate regarding funding-reserves-15 minutes. Get information from Tim first.

Dr. English reported she hopes to get more financial information and will stay on through the summer.

Faculty and Student Development

Dr. Etzkorn read the report from Dr. Warboys. The Faculty and Student Development Committee is finalizing a faculty survey in an effort to identify some issues that may relate to retention. We also want to try working with the Provost to determine possible actions to begin the faculty teaching center. Last, if I am part of the faculty student development committee next year I would like to explore a student initiative in very early idea formulation. I express thanks to the committee members for their efforts this academic year and recognize UAH had a stressful spring semester. As well this committee went through a lot of restructure with leadership and membership. I look forward to a more action oriented committee with renewed energy next academic year.

Governance and Operations

Dr. English reported the ballot for the President- Elect and Ombudsperson will go out at the same time this afternoon. There are two candidates for president- elect and eight for ombudsperson

Committee preference email went out and people responded all but 10. Committees will elect their own chair.


No Report


Ms. Vaughan reported the Committee approved two program changes in Liberal Arts

Discussion of security in Library and other buildings and card swipe system, cameras, etc. Take action in the fall.

Undergraduate Scholastic Affairs

No Report


Dr. English reported the Post Tenure Review policy was discussed and supported by faculty. There was some discussion about the other idea of the step system and tracks.

There was a request and decision that Chairs of Committees submit written reports unless there are items needed to discuss.

The order of the bills for the agenda for next week will be

Benefits for Victims Bill

Senate Membership Exceptions Bill

Restructuring Process Bill

A Number Bill

Teaching Excellence Bill

Buyout Bill

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting (April 15, 2010)

12:45pm SKH-369

Attending: Etzkorn, Vaughan, Gupta, English, Rountree, Stewart, Severn, Scholz, Anderson, Boyd

Reports from Administration:

Dr. Severn reported Dr. Williams is in Washington, and Dr. Karbhari is in Germany.

Dr. Severn talked about Commencement and asked for recommendations or comments on how recognize the shootings-feeling is don't want to do too much-don't overwhelm. Have in mind to put 3 chairs on stage with tams on them and flowers on them and Dave will say something in course of each event. All liked that. Requested that there also be something in program to acknowledge.

Question and discussion of how students/seniors taken care of. Majority felt that the things mentioned above would be enough.

Reception outside on Saturday with tent. Need reception for PhD students on Friday. Dr. Severn will reinstate a reception for Friday night.

New Business:

Dr. Scholz presented a bill on behalf of Tim Newman-Direct response to realignment without having procedure in place. What worked on by committee rejected after 9 months. Please delay any actions of realignment until a procedure is in place. Not top down with no discussion for the change of university. Major impact on departments and colleges. Any further action delayed until have procedure in place. Discussion of no process, implementation. Dr. Gupta pointed out that there is a need to make clear-if want to reconsider decision say that, want to be part of process. Wants to be part of the discussion and planning. Maybe on wrong track may need to think about a different approach. Dr. Gupta reworded the bill. Put issues in front of administration. Identify all issues and bring forth and resolve before implement. Modification of bill. Add portion that says will bring to Senate. Say realignment and add 3rd point bring before senate per Dr. Rountree. Have to vote on both bills separately. Wants Tim to better explain what he means by realignment procedures. Agree to send bills to full senate has to be voted on here. Tim's bill: vote 4 against-2 in favor and 1 abstention. Dr. English noted that she does not mind debate in full senate. Senate can vote by majority to bring to full Senate.

Dr. Gupta modified bill with friendly amendment and read with changes. Dr. Gupta's bill vote: 7 in favor. Will rewrite and send past Dr. Rountree, and Dr. Boyd. Please send bill to Peggy.

Committee Reports:

Finance and Resources:

No Report

Faculty and Student Development :

No Report

Governance and Operations:

Results of elections discussed. Revision of Bylaws-gone through first section, ready for second section. Seek guidance from Executive Committee. Who should be eligible for Senate and voting for Senators: Tenure, Tenure Earning and Research and Clinical Faculty? Difficulties with research faculty, are they involved? No representation for lecturers on campus. One view is include all, another include only tenured, tenure earning and clinical. Take to Handbook Committee.

Invite to send names to Governance and will nominate President- Elect and Ombudsperson. Will ask for preferences for Committees.


No Report


5 new courses approved

Undergraduate Scholastic Affairs:

No Report


No Report

New Business:

Bill regarding A- numbers-brought by Jennifer English-7 in favor

Old Business:

Dr. Gupta asked for the Resurrection of Bill to Appoint Committee to look at Buyout Policy. 6 in favor and 1 abstaining-with addition of and report back to senate.

Dr. Gupta asked for the Resurrection of Bill for Teaching Excellence Center-add report back to senate. 6 in favor and 1 opposed.

The Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting (March 11, 2010)

12:45pm SKH-369

Attending: Jeet Gupta, Dave Williams, Vistasp Karbhari, Clarke Rountree, Linda Vaughan, David Stewart, Ina Warboys, Rhonda Gaede, Jennifer English, Letha Etzkorn.

President Williams reported he is visiting departments and listening to concerns regarding the shooting. Most concerns expressed have been regarding the husband and the alert system. A UA System external group is looking at the alert system. We are proactively recruiting students to prevent the negative effect. We are preparing for what the State may do regarding the budget. Lipmann Hearn has been retained to address recruitment and retention issues. We have to get data to the company quickly. Starting next week computer hard drives will be imaged regarding the shooting. There are two groups. Those related to Promotion and tenure and those hiring. The law has changed and we are required to have the data. Calhoun is making a donation to the scholarship fund for the Biological Science faculty.

Provost Karbhari reported he has started the DL Committee that will be chaired by John Severn. Starting a Committee to look at the CS/ECE merger, chaired by Dan Sherman.

Most Promotion and Tenure decisions will be available tomorrow. Will meet with the URB tomorrow morning. Asked the current URB to give remarks and recommendations on changes and improvements to the process. Will get a Committee together to give thoughts on changing. Will take this back to the Handbook Committee. We will pinpoint concerns.

We are working on a summer program in Panama with the CATHALAC University on sustainability. 10 undergraduate and 7 graduates. Dual program, technology and emersion in the Spanish language. See what interactions we can build.

The Dean of Engineering has been selected. There is no announcement until Monday at the candidate's request. It was a successful search Committee and speaks highly of the university.

Concerns were expressed regarding the talk of the mergers before the senate heard back from the Administration on the faculty involvement. Slow down. This is premature.

Dr. Karbhari responded that we have heard your concerns. The Chairs approached the Provost not the other way around.

It was expressed there was still no response on the document sent. Dr. Williams reported Mr. Rieder is immersed in other things right now.

There were questions and concerns regarding the Dependent Verification. How will this affect he partner benefits? Dr. Karbhari will check into this.

Governance and Operations:

There was a discussion regarding the elections. The departments can opt out but they must do their election by secret ballot. They must have their nominations in by noon on Tuesday. Send an email to Chairs.

There was a discussion of the realignment and the response and what the Senate can do. There was a discussion of how the Senate can be proactive and effective. It was suggested the Senate send a letter drafted by Jennifer English outlining what the discussion should be and focus on the vision and restructuring. Focus on realignment. Lay out the scope of the future and the time frame. Come with questions and concerns with a collegial attitude. Get the President and Provost schedule aligned with the meeting of the 25th. Let the focus of the meeting be this discussion.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting (February 25, 2010)

12:45 p.m. SKH-369

Attending: Linda Vaughan, Letha Etzkorn, Clarke Rountree, Jeet Gupta, Rhonda Gaede, Jennifer M. English, David Stewart, John Severn, Vistasp Karbhari and Dave Williams.

President Williams thanked the Faculty Senate for their leadership, pulling together, and the extraordinary way in which they handled everything pertaining to the shootings on February 12, 2010. He stated that we were now focusing on the families, making sure that things were taken care of legally, through human resources, counseling and the coming expenses for family benefits. Be careful with public comments and emails.

Dr. Williams said they were setting in motion social events in Shelby Center to bring the campus back together, beginning Friday by thanking the Police for putting their lives on the line, and that the Faculty Senate's role was to help the campus to keep moving forward.

Ray Garner was praised for being on top of issues and working with the media. Dr. Williams mentioned that we had more good stories out there than bitter ones against the University.

Provost Karbhari mentioned blogs but that there was very little that we could do about them. He's reached out to handlers to talk about better things going on and that we may have a down turn for the semester, but that we should be able to turn around.

Clarke Rountree mentioned the ESM. VA Tech went up and down. Dr. Karbhari said we should have slight drop for a short period of time. Business Dean and Rick Barth would call Business students that might want to come to UAH and tell them that there is not a problem in coming to UAH campus.

President was appreciative of the counselors from VA Tech and Northern Illinois University and the wonderful responses from our sister campuses UA and UAB, as well as from Oakwood, A&M University and the support from across the nation.

The long term plan was addressed by the President. He said the needs of the students would be relocated to faculty. UA & UAB will be glad to work with our students as well as Hudson Alpha Hudson Alpha and others in helping to write recommendation letters. Dr. Sam Campbell is back part-time as chair to help as well as Dr. John Horack. AMP students will meet tonight with Provost and President to make sure none of them fall through the cracks.

Dr. Karbhari said to let the Biology Department work through what they need to do and then the Provost will help them when called upon.

Dr. Gupta made a suggestion about the children of the deceased to come to UAH on a waiver of tuition, but Provost mentioned that it would be a HR decision.

Social networking for faculty periodically, perhaps at Lowe House where Faculty can talk with one another. President and Provost could speak to all departments if needed to allow for greater feedback. Faculty more hurt than staff, but staff need feedback also.

Dr. Clarke Rountree asked if there was anything for the Faculty Senate to Do? The Provost mentioned Fear Factor and may need help to see this is a safe place and not to imagine that the person next to you is going to snap. Faculty Senate will be needed to help bring faculty together. May need to get HR to send out a note to show counselors are available and where to go since many people do not want to walk up to a counselor or have one walk up to you.

Counselors would be around but decreased by the end of the week, but will remain in UC, SC and MDH for a few more weeks. Therapy dogs until Friday and will come back after Spring break. Thinking of those who responded and put their lives on the line in the Shelby Center. Would like to do some awards for those officers. Also President Williams mentioned special personal thanks should go to the leaders, Hemsi, police, Redstone, etc.

It was suggested that a Resolution from Senate thanking Police, etc. Provost will get a list and chief would like to visit a Faculty Senate Meeting.

Rhonda Gaede addressed the Campus Alert System and President Williams said a group was put together to address the phones, emails and text messaging. Back up phones moved and no longer in place. Charger Central with number now and is corrected. Need 2 emergency rooms.

Dr. Gupta mentioned students threatening faculty. Risk assessment Team. Looking at what can be done instead of a close down. Dean of Students keeps records of what has been done before.

Provost mentioned 1 dozen withdrawn from UAH. Doing things slowly because when settle down, students may want to come back. Mentioned that we may get crank letters and that news media may try to get information different ways, so be on guard.

Faculty Senate talked about Tenure/Promotion Deadlines and that URB should let candidates know that there will be a delay. Numbers of tenured is public, names and information not public but confidential. Also talked about reexamining process of Tenure in the Faculty Handbook.

Dr. John Severn talked about raising money for various projects and gifts for those families. Roy Magnuson and committee and Jeff Sands.

Rhonda Gaede mentioned a Memorial Garden for those killed. President mentioned that it may be way too soon because some may regret it down the line. He said to keep in mind that some of the families may not want to be reminded of the incident.

President Williams mentioned we were in 2 weeks since the incident and felt like all eyes were on us, when in reality we were only in the press for 2 days. We need to focus on the good things happening on campus like the things done by our students, and the outpouring concern from the other universities, like the 1 minute of silence for us by the University of Northern Illinois and others.

Dr. Karbhari said we need to focus on helping the families who lost loved ones and those in the hospital. Also mentioned Gmail migration, 2 weeks delay.

Dr. Severn said we will have new awards for Faculty Excellence. Under the University level, we will have 2 awards, one for research and one for teaching. Both will be a permanent monetary sum added to the paycheck. Also, there will be College Awards, one for each college.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting (January 21, 2010)

12:45 P.M. IN SKH 369

Present: Etzkorn, Rountree, Gaede, English, Stewart, Vaughan, Gholston, Anderson, Boyd, Warboys, Gupta, Karbhari, Williams, Severn


Dr. Williams reported he is delighted over USA Today Princeton Rankings. Thanks to all that made that happen.

Board Of Trustees is coming up. We will present the preliminary budget information. The Provost is working with the deans and Dr. Williams is working with the Vice Presidents. Ray Garner has been in Montgomery and is keeping a pulse on the budget and the PACT situation and other issues. The Governor has put a budget forth but we still do not have any detailed information as there is still a long process. We will continue our process and have it in place for the Board. Ray and Chih will send information as we receive it. It is an uncertain situation. We will put forth a proposal for the building of the greenway. Wilson Hall has opened. Encourage all to look inside. We cut cost and did not do the outside but the inside is impressive. Did not redo Madison Hall, which was to bring all administration into one place. That is still on hold. The Residence Hall is continuing. At some point Mike may need to address this group and others on the 5 year plan.

There was a question regarding how we look on Admission-5% down from last year. Same at other schools. Ahead in some other areas. It is early to say anything other than we are on par with last year.

Currently enrollment is up by 5% headcount and 6.2% on credit hour. Second year in row we are up in spring. All college numbers up and Liberal Arts is flat. We freeze the numbers on day 10.

There was a question resulting from Dr. Horack's presentation to the Senate. ICR- increase the portion back to the PI-the Provost explained the distribution-The dean receives 15.2% to reinvest. Waiting for response from deans and what this is used for and how. When we get that we will go to the President and John Horack to determine what we can do. We are determining what the actual number should be. ONR determines what ICR is for our campus looking at all areas of resources. How we slice the portion and where to take from and increase where. Talk to Chairs-budget required that develop budget at department level. Bring up to your chair and to your dean. Continue to be a requirement of deans to develop. Asked for one member from Finance and Resources Committee to be at the meeting with the Deans on Wednesday, January 27 at 9:00 a.m. Follow same model as last year. Dr. Karbhari is talking to John Horack about having funding to help faculty to write proposals.

There was a discussion of investments from left over funds.-not just Centers but many other programs.

Dr. Williams stated he would be glad to have John Horack or any other Vice President present here to answer questions. Any Vice President could come to this group or to the full Senate about any area and clarifying what they are doing and how. We will continue interchange as you think is needed.

There was a question regarding the change in the Mental Health and drug coverage and non compliance on insurance -why did we decide to go this way?- Provost Karbhari will check and get back to the Executive Committee.

There was a question regarding the status of the International Campus. Dr. Williams reported we have established an MBA in China in Chinese, we are exploring two opportunities for recruiting in India. Research connection with India Research Organization and SEVIR. SEVIR and CATHALAC in Panama-internships in Panama, entering agreements in March with University in Panama.

There was a question regarding the Swipe card for the Library. The policy is still being developed. Library Committee will report to the Provost. Send comments and suggestions to the Library Committee. Incidents occurred and we need a way to protect students, faculty, etc. and have to have ability for UAH personnel to use facilities without having them used for wrong reason.

Dr. Karbhari reported we will be putting forth to The Board of Trustees the resolutions for final approval on the Modeling and Simulation Masters and PHD. We are putting forth a specialization in industrial organizational psychology in the masters in psychology, we are putting forth proposals for the masters and PhD in aerospace engineering which will involve the formation of a consortium, and the leaders are UAH and Auburn with UA. Not shared degrees.

Dean Search one ongoing-invited 2 finalists back next week and proceed after that.

Meeting to discuss draft email policy. Do not have one in place and in liability for not having one. Will work with Legal to revise what you have contributed and send back to Senate.

We have received all files for Promotion and Tenure except one and met URB and handed over all but one, we do not have one.

Gmail deadline transfer over is March 1. If you have not or are in group to wait we urge to change by then because old info could be lost if do not work with IT solutions to transfer over.

Bob Furgason will be here next week. He will be speaking to the Expanded Executive Committee and will invite members of Senate Executive Committee to be there. Had discussions with deans and asked for questions by close of business today so can forward to Bob Furgason. Started discussions 2 weeks ago with deans and pull out those things to look at and questions.

There was a question of where is the Realignment Report. It is still with legal. That and the Pass fail resolution are the only other one not taken care of. No smoking-implementation-Mike Finnegan is working on this.

Implementing partner benefits initially problems but politically quiet now.

Dr. Severn reported there have been no objections to the move the graduation date-met with Janet and Deb to work on clearing PhD students more quickly. We will only award PhDs-others will be blank. Move forward and move up graduation in the fall. Somewhere in February will send out calendar for that. We will move to having calendar of courses a year ahead.

Finance and Resources

Dr. Stewart reported they are working on getting the REU proposals in and will send out to committee.

Faculty and Student Development

Dr. Warboys reported the Committee put an email sight up to work and will help facilitate meeting and doing business. They put it up on ANGEL. Dr. English reported on the Email policy.-edits received and developed a suggested policy instead of the one presented. Looked at other policies at other institutions. Discussion regarding policy and how developed and not going through the proper channels and procedures and not going before the entire Senate. Pushing for going through procedures and appropriate processes. Dr. Etzkorn suggested they will meet and ask for opportunity to do a formal process. Will go back to the Committee and ask to consider with colleges and faculty.

Dr. Gholston reported he will be working on Faculty Mentoring.

The agenda will be 2 bills (Program for Teaching Excellence and Buyout Policy) after committee reports

And 2 speakers (Gordon Stone and Linda Vaughan)

We will try to schedule Mike Finnegan for a future Senate meeting.

Future discussion requested regarding limiting time of Senators to talk at meetings and policy on non Senators talking at meetings.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting (December 17, 2009)

12:45 P.M. SKH 369

Attending: Etzkorn, Rountree, Stewart, Coe, Warboys, Gupta, Anderson, English, Gaede, Severn, Boyd, Lieu


Dr. Severn reported progress with the Dean Searches: an offer was made in Business School. We have a verbal acceptance. The official announcement will be made after we have the signed contract. The Search Committee is ecstatic per Dr. Gupta.. The new Dean is an Associate Dean at Clemson. She will join us in March

We had two candidates in for Engineering this week. One more at the end of the fist week of January.

Commencement Friday and Saturday.

We have no Foundation Money. Foundation money is what has paid for Teaching and Research Awards. We've been talking about this and may need to rethink this. Going to try to put together a Committee to talk about this in January. Probably former winners. Dr. Severn had an idea to throw out-have not had a lot of nominations for Teaching in last few years. We have traditionally had teaching and research and added mentoring-narrow it down and go to one or two and make it a bigger award. A little more prestigious and increase monetary award had in mind and has run past Dr. Karbhari-$2500-5000 and make part of salary-recurring award then for those who win. Fewer awards and recognize fewer people. Would come from operating funds.

Dr. Gupta pointed out another aspect reduces awards and some rather have recognition not money.

Dr. Severn is throwing this out to think about and will come back to it in January.


Finance and Resources Committee

David Stewart reported the Committee has not met since the last Senate Meeting. The request was made that when the Committee looks at the budget look at more than just 5 accounts look at all accounts. Look at discretionary money as well


no report

Faculty and Student Development

Ina Warboys reported she is trying to find the members and set up a meeting. Carmen Scholz is working on OSP information. Wai Mok is looking at email.

The Provost asked Rich Miller to make list of problems. Rich Miller is asking faculty and looking into it. Have Carmen talk to Rich. Formulate email to send to Faculty Senate asking for input on OSP and Purchasing problems. John Horack agreed to talk at Senate. Mike Banish set up and ask him to come. Dr. Horack interested in doing this.

Dr. English moved and seconded by Dr. Anderson to have a special meeting for Dr. Horack with no other business. Announce to whole faculty. Votes were 7 in favor with 1 abstention. Try for Tuesday in January.

Faculty and Student Development should be working on faculty mentoring. Dr. Gholston wants input for mentoring issue.

Undergraduate Scholastic Affairs

Clarke Rountree reported they are checking on the scheduling software. Janet was supposed to come to a meeting but the Provost said no Janet was busy with Commencement. We invited the Provost and we are planning to follow up with Janet next semester.

Software purchased Astra used in California, Texas, and New York-primary function is to allocate classrooms. May be implemented in fall but may not. No push to teach on Friday but need to make classes available to avoid conflicts. Software does not just allocate space-can create rules for classroom and space assignment and teaching schedule. Yes can schedule all that but not what is being used for. Can put suggested schedule in and have software check. Will every Chair have software on their desk? Provost did not know---will have to talk to Janet about that. Suspicious of software. Software pops up to show conflicts and up to chair to resolve. How will be implemented-don't know will have to ask Janet. Interacts with Banner. Have not done test with current schedule. Committee seems feel that scheduling conflicts are minor and this is overkill. Software may have suboptimal suggestion and cause faculty to traipse across campus. Will meet with Janet and find out more. How many rules can it handle and how well does it work. Who has access? Understanding details of software and implementation. Was pleased when told Provost- schedule should be pedagogically sound and he agreed.

Look at Academic misconduct. Proactive retention policy. Honor Code. Student run. Student sign and turn in people who cheat.

Find out what can be done and what happens and how and inform. Make process as easy as possible. How retention and how compares to others.

Governance and Operations

Dr. Gupta reported the Committee met-outlined way to work. Take look at bylaws and if we want to change and edit and benchmark against other universities and see if practices can be improved. We will look into elections for next year-give to Executive Committee in February.


David Coe stated there is nothing to report. General Education Requirements-Forced to do through Articulation Agreements-what would we like to do and see if can get around articulation agreement for own students. Will be different for different colleges. Need assessment. Dual Enrollment with Calhoun-look into-Not agreement with all High Schools. Something to help students be better prepared to come here. What required of home school students.


Dr. English reported they are continuing to work-addressed most important chapters and rest will do throughout next term. Probably need resolution to extend term.

Old Business


New Business

Shared Governance Bill-Dr. Gupta stated the idea is primarily to move to proactive way to deal with administration. Do not have mechanism worked out. When don[t have mechanism leaving it to people to see if happens and does not happen. If have mechanisms could get results. This bill is in that spirit. Need process. Have guideline-need steps and processes. If set committee the senate decides if have representation and who is the representation.

6 for calling question 3 against.

Vote for bill 2 for, 6 against, 1 abstain, bill fails. Back to Committee to get particulars. Get information from Executive Committee.

Program for Teaching Excellence-Dr. Boyd presented this bill. Dr. Boyd reported there are no facilities or efforts to assist faculty to become better teachers. Asking Provost to create such a facility Develop and consolidate resources. Suggested take out reference to ANGEL. Take out objective.

Vote: 9 in favor. Passes unanimously will be on agenda at the next Senate Meeting.

Moving Gordon Stone and SGA President to January 28. Work on this.

Agenda for Next Meeting will be

Censure Bill first

New bill

Dr. English brought up the Course buyout policy40% release too high and not competitive. Give recommendations to Provost on how want buyout policy changed. Amount back to college and indirect reduced. May not be competitive instead of not known to be. Provost wants answer by end of spring semester.

Personnel Committee look at this.

Call the question 8 in favor, 1 opposed

5 in favor of bill, 4 against. Bill passes.

Richard Lieu spoke to the group regarding the Censure Bill.

Censure Bill Dr. Lieu reported he is not attempting to derail the bill. Be historical and pivotal. Need to do it right. Loop hole may be easy to attack. Censure person and has not been give opportunity to present defensive case. Should not take too light heartedly. Take up with Chancellor and say why pay so much attention. No one should be convicted without defense  Simply urging to let President Williams have platform to respond to Censure Bill. Close loopholemajor in his mind. Committee agrees it is fine to invite the President to address the bill.

Put list of bills on the agenda that have not received response. Include under Provost Report do for January 28 meeting. Dr. English should have that list.

Dr. Gaede moved, seconded by Dr. Rountree. in favor, 1 abstention.

Executive Committee Meeting (November 19, 2009)


Attending: President Williams, Dr. Vistasp Karbhari, Dr. John Severn, Dr. David Stewart, Dr. David Gupta, Dr. David Coe, Dr. Jennifer English, Dr. Lynn Boyd, Dr. Sampson Gholston and Dr. Letha Etzcorn

President Williams spoke about the 1st month's increase in research expenditures, awards, etc. 10% over last year, and that he would be visiting Middle State University to discuss economic development. Their strengths are with Engineering Technology and some Computer Science. He also reminded everyone to attend the concert on Sunday by the Army Band and that the National Security meeting a couple of days ago went very well.

Request for Faculty Senate letters regarding Housing issue. President said letters sent several days ago, but Dr. Etzcorn has not received yet, possibly because secretary out. President requested that the private letters he forwarded to Faculty Senate not be sent out throughout the University. Also, committee member felt like the issue lies in communication. Let them know that you will not be sending the Moody report for legal reasons.

A few of the committee went back and forth and felt like it would be a good idea for the President to speak directly to the Faculty Senate as to why the Housing Policy was good. President pointed out that Andy Weaver, John Maxon and Rick Barth had been working on this for about 8 years, and with the approval of The Board of Trustees. Let them do their jobs. With UAH data, President Williams said that program development becomes easier, more effective as the mass grows and that retention rates will grow. He will not rescind the policy. He also mentioned Bachelors graduation rate is 47%, which are double digits behind national level and about the true 4 year plan for each department. Discussed a little about Scholarships, 15 hrs per semester and 128 hours for a degree. National standard for Financial Aid is the same regardless of how many students we have.

Dr. David Stewart voiced concerns for the Dorm policy. He suggested that administration point out peer universities where this policy has worked.

Provost was in agreement that all Faculty should do advising and as they review the Faculty Handbook, it would be good to have this included in the Handbook. Also, discussed better advising of students and keeping up with those in trouble and getting them to supportive services like the SSC, and limiting Ws on transcript and informing student of consequences. 

Provost Karbhari handed out IPED data and talked about comparisons on page 9. SUG comparisons is being put together and he will have to the committee soon. Salaries for lecturers, we are 16% below. Difficult to make comparisons because of different regions and those in departments.

Provost mentioned 2 resolutions sent. Prerequisite Drop and Pass/Fail option.

If large number of overrides, Banner gets stuck so we need set rules with exceptions. To talk with Deans and Janet Waller for blanket prerequisites. New policy that the Instructor and Chair to override. Provost said when students are taught by a part-time faculty, they are unable to reach them, so they must have a person that will deal with students so they do not get hung up.

He also mentioned Business Dean's search and that all 4 candidates are either interim Deans or sitting Deans.

Pass/Fail. Problem within college. If we have pure P/F, we may loose old records. Concern with accreditation and certifications. He also has concerns about international students.

3 courses in ESL. Now can do 4 modules instead, $500 each.

Dr. Karbhari handed out Draft Email Policy. Like it to move as quickly as possible and Diane Cunningham is outlining the legal aspects. Send suggestions and recommendations.

Lynn Boyd said she cannot send email to students with hot mail. Provost said there is a problem with Spam mail and Gmail will correct that.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting (October 22, 2009)

 1. Meeting of 22 October 2009

Attending: Severn, Williams, Radonovich, Etzkorn, English, Gaede, Coe, Newman, Boyd, Gholston, Reeves, Seemann

The meeting was called to order at 12:45 by Faculty Senate President Letha Etzkorn.

Dr. Etzkorn mentioned the request to look into turn over in some of the colleges and the turn over of young faculty in departments. The Committee was asked to think about mentoring. Perhaps these are things the Personnel Committee should look into.

Dr. Etzkorn announced that Rich Miller resigned from the Executive Committee. The Committee has to think about what to do about this position. He is still on the Senate but not on the Executive Committee.

Dr. Williams' Report:

Dr. Williams thanked the Committee for the memo they sent and the opportunity to respond. He mentioned in his response that he is eager to follow up n ways to work together to meet the goals and mission of the university. He will work with the Committee or with the Senate President to follow up.

He will be asking everyone to join him on October 29 to wear pink-or at least some pink. There will be a memo going out a couple of days before.

The Board meets in a couple of weeks. He worked with John Severn and the Honorary Degrees and Naming Committee to nominate Kristina Johnson for an Honorary Degree and as Commencement Speaker. She is the number two person to the Secretary for Energy. She has been here before. She is in charge of the National Labs and we are trying to build relationships with key people in these positions. Dr. Severn reported she gave a great presentation when she was here before and she has an interesting career and is a cancer survivor.

Dr. Williams mentioned the Alabama Roadmap and the meeting with the Governor regarding the work on the Aerospace Corridor.

There are plans to visit the Smithsonian in December. Growing funding for archeology of Mayan. Working with SERVIR and Bill Saturno. Let Dr. Williams know the areas to take with him in December to strengthen and give more visibility.

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